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Products & Kits
  1. Starter Pack
    Starter Pack
    Reward Points
    Earn 150PV Points
  2. SuperFood
    Theobroma Superfood Starter Kit (3 bottles)
    Reward Points
    Earn 450PV Points
    Special Price ₱1,699.00 Regular Price ₱1,950.00
  3. VIR2D
    Reward Points
    Earn 75PV Points
  4. Theobroma Juice
    Theobroma Juice
    Reward Points
    Earn 100PV Points
  5. Agriculture Pro Bio-Nic (1kg)
    Agriculture Pro Bio-Nic (1kg)
    Reward Points
    Earn 200PV Points
    Special Price ₱1,500.00 Regular Price ₱1,850.00
  6. Anti-Ageing Kit
    Anti-Ageing Kit
    Reward Points
    Earn 400PV Points
    Special Price ₱2,210.00 Regular Price ₱2,470.00
  7. Theobroma Coffee Mix Kit
    Theobroma Coffee Mix Kit
    Reward Points
    Earn 270PV Points
    Special Price ₱1,325.00 Regular Price ₱1,475.00

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